WLF Commission Approves NOI for one mile pogie buffer

On Thursday, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approved a Notice of Intent (NOI) creating a one mile coastwide menhaden harvest buffer, with a special three mile buffer in areas of Cameron Parish. The final vote was 4-2. Commissioner Joe McPherson moved to adopt the NOI and Commissioner Brandon Decuir seconded the motion. Commissioner Andy Brister and Chairman Andrew Blanchard joined McPherson and Decuir in voting YES. Special thanks to these commissioners for voting to ensure the well being of Louisiana’s coast. 

“We would like to thank Commissioners McPherson, Decuir, Brister and Chairman Blanchard for voting to approve this NOI, protecting our coast and holding these companies accountable for their actions,” said CCA Louisiana Executive Director David Cresson. “While this is a very positive step forward, there is still a lot of work to do to get this measure past the finish line. All of us at CCA are committed to see it through.”

The NOI establishes a coastal buffer zone for the commercial harvest of menhaden one-mile off the entire Louisiana coastline and three miles from the area between Holly Beach and Rutherford Beach in western Louisiana. This action will extend the existing ¼-mile buffer and the existing three-mile buffer at Grand Isla, La., will remain in place.

The NOI also establishes reporting requirements for any menhaden or bycatch that is unintentionally or intentionally released into the environment and provides penalties and restitution associated with failure to comply. 

The measure will now go through a public comment period and will be available for legislative oversight before officially becoming regulation. CCA will keep our members informed throughout the process.

To view the full Notice of Intent, click here.