This map shows the intense harvest pressure put on the Louisiana coast by the menhaden reduction industry. Each year, hundreds of millions of pounds of this critical forage species are taken from Louisiana state waters, along with tens of millions of pounds of bycatch.

Pogie Bill Passes the House

Rep. Joe Orgeron’s HB 1033 earns strong bi-partisan support. Now moves to Senate.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 1033 by Representative Joe Orgeron, a bill that will require regular reporting on menhaden harvested in Louisiana state waters, and will create an annual catch limit. The bill passed with strong bi-partisan support, with a vote of 75-22, while picking up 10 new co-authors.

THANK YOU to the following State Representatives who chose conservation over politics, and voted YES to HB 1033.

The bill will now move to the Louisiana Senate. CCA will update our members every step along the way.