CCA Louisiana and Chevron Build Pelican Island Reef in Timbalier Bay

Danos and the LDWF assist in building new marine habitat

Coastal Conservation Association’s REEF Louisiana Program, in cooperation with its partners Chevron, Danos and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), installed a new reef in the location of historic Pelican Island in Timbalier Bay. Pelican Island was a favorite fishing spot of anglers from Leeville and Fourchon that eroded almost a decade ago and was selected as the reef location by local fishing guides.

“It is amazing what can happen when you pair passionate people with public and private resources,” said John Walther, CCA Louisiana Conservation Chairman. “We are proud to work with these great companies and LDWF to accomplish our mission of protecting and preserving Louisiana’s marine resources.”

The reef was built with a new product called “Cajun Coral,” created by Danos (Gray, LA). Cajun Coral modules are made of 3D printed concrete and can take any shape or size that is the most beneficial for the location. The modules used on Pelican Island are 18” x 36” x 18” high and weigh over 500 lbs each. 340 Cajun Coral modules were placed in four rows in an east-west configuration that will work with the north-south tidal movements in the area. Once complete, Pelican Island Reef will bolster biodiversity by providing new habitats that will attract and support a variety of fish species.

”Danos employees have fished the waters of Lafourche Parish and Pelican Island for more than three generations, and we are very happy to restore this area for another generation to enjoy.  It’s through our wonderful partnership with CCA and Chevron that we are able to accomplish this project,” said Eric Danos.

Representatives from partnering companies as well as local fishing guides and members were on-hand for the installation. Long-time CCA Louisiana conservation partner, Chevron, was there to see their 14th reef project created with CCA Louisiana.

“Projects like the Pelican Island reef installation illustrate the impact innovation and collaboration can have on revitalizing coastal habitats,” said Alexandra Cheramie, Chevron Corporate Affairs. “Chevron and Coastal Conservation Association have worked together on a total of fourteen artificial reef projects including at Pelican Island. Like our previous collaborations, this reef will help support the marine life that call it home. We’re proud of our long-standing partnership with CCA and thank them for their efforts.”

The project also marks the creation of a partnership between CCA Louisiana and the Water Institute on the new “Living Lab” program. This program is designed so that new habitat projects will be used as living laboratories for university students from Louisiana and around the world. These projects will provide educational and research opportunities for the students while providing critical information to CCA Louisiana on how to better design and build future reefs.

Pelican Island Reef is the 49th unique artificial reef and the ninth reef built this year.

Once the survey is complete, CCA will post the GPS Coordinates on

CCA’s REEF Louisiana is an initiative aimed at connecting CCA’s members, private donors, and community partners to replace vital fisheries habitat. These connections allow CCA to find new technology like used today as well as find “materials of opportunity” and pair it with donors to create reefs in an efficient manner.

For more information about this project or CCA Louisiana’s REEF Louisiana Program, contact CCA’s Rad Trascher at 225-952-9200. Click here to learn more about REEF Louisiana and how you or your corporation can contribute to help restore your favorite fishing spot.