East Cameron 82 Reef materials deploy

CCA Louisiana and Cheniere Foundation Build New Nearshore Artificial Reef

Along with partners Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Romeo Papa Boats and E & L Construction Group the new reef will improve marine habitat and fishing

Coastal Conservation Association’s REEF Louisiana Program, in cooperation with the Cheniere Foundation, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Romeo Papa Boats and E & L Construction Group, began construction on the East Cameron Block 82 Reef on Wednesday.

The project, made of 45 precast concrete reef modules set in a modular grid design, is a nearshore reef built to replace lost habitat to the area. The concrete structures were installed in 60 feet of water and spread out in columns and rows to optimize bottom contours and water conditions. The design creates overlapping “feeding halos” where a variety of fish species may thrive. In these depths, a diverse range of fish will call these reefs home, including species like red snapper, cobia and more.

Rad Trascher, CCA Louisiana Executive VP of Development, was on hand to oversee the Reef Installation and explained the origins of the project.

“This location in East Cameron 82 previously housed oil and gas structures that were great habitat and productive fishing areas,” he said. “As these structures were removed, our members asked us to rebuild the fisheries habitat as fast as we could to help maintain the area.”

The project would not have been possible without the incredible donation from the Cheniere Foundation. Representatives were on site to take part in the dedication as well as see the installation.

“We are proud to partner with the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana to invest in offshore artificial reefs in Cameron Parish. This investment and collaboration highlights our commitment to sustainable practices, enhancing marine biodiversity, and the conservation of our waterway’s ecosystems for community members to enjoy for generations to come,” said Amy Miller, Cheniere Foundation Manager.

In addition to the Cheniere Foundation, funding for the East Cameron Block 82 Reef comes from CCA’s REEF Louisiana Program and matching funds provided by LDWF’s Artificial Reef Trust Fund. In-kind labor was provided by Romeo Papa Boats and materials were provided by E & L Construction Group.

“Romeo Papa is happy to partner with CCA and help rebuild this habitat,” said Robert Perez, President of Romeo Papa. “As an avid angler, I know there is a need for these types of structures, and we are happy to give back to the ecosystem we love.”

In addition to representatives of Cheniere, LDWF, Romeo Papa, and CCA Volunteers, others in attendance for the day’s activities were: Representative Ryan Bourriaque, members of the Cameron Parish Police Jury and the Southwest Economic Development Alliance.

The East Cameron Block 82 Reef is the 51st unique artificial reef CCA Louisiana has built, and the 2nd artificial reef built this month with many more coming this year.

CCA’s REEF Louisiana Program is an initiative aimed at replacing lost fisheries habitat, including where oil and gas platforms have been removed. The program uses repurposed “materials of opportunity” to construct artificial reefs, including items such as pieces of decommissioned oil and gas platforms, retired marine vessels, highway barriers, culverts, and recycled concrete.

For more information about this reef or CCA Louisiana’s REEF Louisiana Program, contact Rad Trascher at (225) 952-9200.