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CCA’s REEF Louisiana Builds Reef at South Marsh Island 235

Danos, LDWF team up with CCA to replace lost platform habitat

Coastal Conservation Association’s REEF Louisiana Program completed construction on the South Marsh Island 235 artificial reef located south of Cypremort Point.  The project was a joint effort with The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Danos, and White Water Contractors.

CCA Louisiana deployed 128 “Cajun Coral” modules, created using 3-D printed concrete. The modules were grouped into four clusters, centered on the site of a recently removed oil and gas platform. The site was chosen by local CCA Chapter members, as the old platform was once an iconic hot spot for speckled trout.  Located in about 20 feet of water, the new reef replaces that lost habitat, providing habitat for trout, redfish, and a diverse range of marine species.

“We are very excited to use Danos’ new 3D printed concrete technology for the first time on the South Marsh Island 235 Reef,” said CCA Louisiana VP of Habitat John Walther. ”This technology could open the door for a new wave of CCA reef projects as we experiment with different module sizes and designs.  In the future, we could conceivably create reef materials specifically designed to optimize each reef location.”

Funding for the South Marsh Island 235 project comes from CCA’s REEF Louisiana Program along with matching funds from LDWF’s Artificial Reef Trust Fund. In-kind donations were provided by Danos and White Water Contractors. Additional funding is provided by members of CCA Louisiana’s REEF Club.

CCA’s REEF Louisiana is an initiative aimed at replacing vital fisheries habitat where oil and gas platforms have been removed. The South Marsh Island 235 reef is the 13th individual REEF Louisiana project CCA has completed since the inception of the program in 2019. It is the 45th unique reef CCA Louisiana has built to date. Recently completed projects include an addition to the popular “Pickets Reef” in Ship Shoal block 26, the “Jacob Meek Reef” in South Timbalier block 165, and a new reef in South Timbalier block 77. Click here to learn more about REEF Louisiana and how you or your corporation can contribute to help restore your favorite fishing spot.

The GPS center point coordinates for the South Marsh Island 235 Reef are 29° 18’ 46.455” N -92° 03’ 16.888″ W. Updated reef coordinates will be published once construction and surveys are completed. For GPS locations of all CCA reefs, visit here.