CCA Louisiana Polls Gubernatorial Candidates on Red Snapper/Federal Fisheries Management

Leading up to the Governor’s election, CCA Louisiana sent a list of questions to the major candidates. These are critical issues to our members and to anglers in Louisiana. Each question asked for a Yes or No response, with an opportunity for candidates to include additional comments. We included some brief background on each issue.

Here are the responses to question #5 regarding red snapper and federal fisheries managment. The answers are shown exactly as they were submitted to CCA and are listed in the order they were received from the candidates.


Federal management of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico in the past has been inefficient, unfair to recreational fishermen and not based in sound science. In recent years, efforts by Louisiana lawmakers, CCA and other conservation groups have led to state-management of red snapper.  This has proven to be superior to the antiquated federal system, and has led to better science and more effective, real-time management of the species.

QUESTION:  As Governor, will you support the proven state-based management model that has been implemented, and work to implement similar models for other federal species?

Stephen Waguespack CC

YES. Absolutely. State-based management is much more responsive to the true needs and desires of Louisiana anglers and I will protect and expand this model going forward as necessary.

Stephen Waguespack (R)

Jeff Landry CC

As Attorney General, I have fully supported state management of red snapper in the Gulf. Among my efforts has been sending a representative to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meetings for the last five years, including during development of the state management Fishery Management Plan Amendment to express my support and to assist where possible in obtaining its adoption. I am the only Attorney General in the Gulf who has taken such steps or made such an investment in furthering the recreational sector in the Gulf. I also support expanding state management to other species and to for-hire fishing as well as private angling, as Louisiana and the other states have proved with red snapper that they can do a far better job than the federal system. As Governor I will continue to support implementation of state management to the fullest extent possible, including by working with the new Attorney General to continue my efforts to further state management.

Jeff Landry (R)

Shawn Wilson CC

YES. As Governor, I will remain a close friend and advocate for CCA, including with the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council and its efforts to manage fishery resources in the Gulf. Louisiana’s authority to regulate both state waters and adjacent federal waters is based on our local knowledge and expertise, exceptional local scientists and researchers, and proven track record of successful real-time management of red snapper that should decrease the likelihood of future overruns. Louisiana has paved the way for specific management measures that benefit the species and our coast, and this would not be possible without CCA’s advice, counsel and leadership.

Shawn Wilson (D)

John Schroder CC


John Schroder (R)

Sharon Hewitt CC

YES. The state-based management model for red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico has demonstrated its superiority over the insufficient federal system. As Governor, I will support the proven state-based management model that has been implemented and work to implement similar models for other federal species. State management has led to better science, more effective real-time management, and a fairer approach for recreational fishermen. By advocating for state-based management, we can ensure that our fisheries are responsibly and sustainably managed, benefiting both the environment and the recreational fishing community.

Sharon Hewitt (R)

Hunter Lundy CC


Hunter Lundy (I)

NOTE: Answers no longer reflect those of Rep. Richard Nelson who announced his withdrawal from the Louisiana governor’s race on Sept. 20th