CCA Louisiana Polls Gubernatorial Candidates on Governor’s Appointments

Leading up to the Governor’s election, CCA Louisiana sent a list of questions to the major candidates. These are critical issues to our members and to anglers in Louisiana. Each question asked for a Yes or No response, with an opportunity for candidates to include additional comments. We included some brief background on each issue.

Here are the responses to question #2 regarding critical appointments made by the governor. The answers are shown exactly as they were submitted to CCA and are listed in the order they were received from the candidates.


Currently, many of Louisiana’s coastal fish species are experiencing severe challenges. Having qualified key leadership is critical to protecting our coast and its resources and preserves our cherished constitutional freedom to hunt and fish, as a valued natural heritage that shall be forever preserved for the people. Critical positions such as the Secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Assistant Secretary of Fisheries at LDWF, Wildlife and Fisheries Commission members and nominees to the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Council are chosen by our Governor. Appointees in these key roles should have knowledge of the fisheries they manage and should be representative of Louisiana’s stakeholders, including hundreds of thousands of Louisiana recreational anglers. 

QUESTION: As Governor, will you seek advice in consultation with CCA on critical appointments like Secretary of LDWF, Assistant Secretary of Fisheries at LDWF, Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Appointments, CPRA Chairman, Gulf Council Appointments, and other related positions?

Stephen Waguespack CC

YES. Absolutely. I view CCA, it’s leadership and members a valuable advisor on these issues and personnel decisions. While as a leader I will remain open to input from all sources, I will always take the advice given by CCA to heart, give it high priority and seek their input often throughout my tenure. They have earned that right by being informed, loyal stewards of our waters and wise counsel on all issues impacting this topic.

Stephen Waguespack (R)

Jeff Landry CC

It is essential to have knowledgeable and fair-minded appointees in critical fishery-related appointments such as those listed. As Governor, I will consult with the CCA and other such distinguished organizations for their input on my appointments to these crucial positions.


Jeff Landry (R)

Shawn Wilson CC

YES. Absolutely. My track record reflects that my governance style is and always has been one of collaboration, of seeking counsel and insights from the experts to thoroughly understand the context and breadth of many issues. 

I highly value the contributions and expertise of CCA and would welcome the consultation and advice for critical appointments like Secretary and Assistant Secretary of Wildlife & Fisheries, CPRA Chairman, Gulf Council appointments, and other related positions.

Shawn Wilson (D)

John Schroder CC

YES.  First and foremost, all gubernatorial appointees across state agencies will uphold a code of conduct. Appointments will be based on merit and decided with the interest of the communities they work with in mind. Additionally, local input is needed when deciding appointments, projects, and regulation across the board.

John Schroder (R)

Sharon Hewitt CC

YES.  As Governor, I recognize the critical importance of having qualified and knowledgeable individuals in key leadership positions to protect our coast and its resources. I firmly believe in preserving our constitutional freedom to hunt and fish, which is a cherished natural heritage for the people of Louisiana. Therefore, I am committed to seeking advice and consultation from organizations like CCA when making critical appointments that affect the long term protections of our natural waterways. It is essential to have appointees who understand the fisheries they manage and are representative of the diverse stakeholders in Louisiana, including the hundreds of thousands of recreational anglers.

Sharon Hewitt (R)

Hunter Lundy CC

YES.  Absolutely.

Hunter Lundy (I)

NOTE: Answers no longer reflect those of Rep. Richard Nelson who announced his withdrawal from the Louisiana governor’s race on Sept. 20th