Ride the Bull Kayak Tournament

2022 Ride the Bull Past Results

There were 292 kayak anglers who weighed 115 fish overall.

1st Place
Justin Dunn
31.75 lbs
2nd Place
Patrick May
31.45 lbs.

3rd Place
Cody Fife
29.60 lbs.

4th Place
James Richardson
28.8 lbs.

5th Place
Elby Champagne
26 lbs.

6th Place
Erin Garnes
25.55 lbs.

7th Place
Basile Speziale
25.5 lbs.

8th Place
Jarrett Addison
24.85 lbs.

9th Place
Warren Lewis
24.7 lbs.

10th Place
Cody Broussard
24.6 lbs.
Top Team
Wishful Thinking
Top Lady Angler
Debra Watts
Top Youth Angler
Maddox Savoy

Ride the Bull Past Results