Donate to Marine Habitat Restoration

The new REEF Louisiana Initiative is an exciting time for CCA Louisiana and anglers of nearshore water in Louisiana. Our hopes with this initiative is to pair personal donations, with materials of opportunity and then match the money with CCA Funds, Corporate Donors and Wildlife and Fisheries Artificial Reef Funds. With your help we feel that we can continuously build reefs for many years to come to enhance our fisheries.

REEF Louisiana Club: $1,000
Reef Louisiana Club Members will be the backbone of this initiative. Club Members will be asked to renew their membership each year to ensure when materials of opportunity become available, there is no delay in using them. Each Club member will receive a dated REEF Louisiana logoed fishing shirt, decal for your vehicle and boat as well as one year CCA membership. The current REEF Club will also be credited on each reef built.

REEF Louisiana Investor: $10,000
With a commitment of the above the donor will be recognized on the reef of his or her choosing. Your name will be used in all media generated for the project and your name will be etched on the plaque commemorating the reef. The donor will also receive a Heritage Life Membership to CCA as well as Reef Club Membership.

REEF Louisiana Pillar: $25,000
With a commitment of the above the donor will be recognized as REEF Louisiana Pillar and REEF Club Member for perpetuity. This recognition will appear in press releases, REEF Louisiana newsletter and their name will be etched on the physical reef of their choice. The Pillars will be also recognized in a full page ad in Tide Magazine. Donor will receive a Legacy Life Membership to CCA as well as REEF Louisiana Club membership.

REEF Louisiana Construction Partner: $50,000 of in kind materials or labor
With a commitment of the above, the donor supplies REEF Louisiana with “materials of opportunity” or construction assistance will be recognized on the project where the materials or labor was used in all media generated for the specific project and will always be recognized as Construction Partner in the REEF Louisiana newsletter and in Tide Magazine.

Name an Artificial Reef: $100,000 cash gift or $150,000 in-kind donations
With a commitment of above the donor or group of donors may choose the name of the actual reef. This name will be used in all media surrounding the installation and will be officially placed on all NOAA generated maps. Also the name of the reef and the donor(s) will be mentioned in the new REEF Louisiana newsletter sent out to all CCA members. Donor(s) will receive a membership to REEF Louisiana

All gifts to CCA’s REEF Louisiana are tax deductible and will go towards rebuilding structure off the Louisiana Coast. If you have any questions or would like to discuss reef habitat options of giving please contact Rad Trascher by calling 225-939-3764 or emailing him at