Restoring Marine Life Habitats in Louisiana

REEF Louisiana is an initiative of the Coastal Conservation Association started in 2019, to replace vital fisheries habitat across the coast of Sportsman’s Paradise.

The idea came from local anglers, political leaders, biologists, and CCA members from around the state. The concept is to pre-approve numerous nearshore reef sites across the coast ranging from 10 feet to 150 feet in depth. The reefs will be built centered on the old footprint of decommissioned platforms that have been identified by anglers as former fishing hotspots for species like speckled trout, red snapper and
other favorites.

The sites we’ve identified include angler favorites in the Ship Shoal, Eugene Island, South Marsh Island, Vermilion, East Cameron, West Cameron and Sabine Pass blocks. All are proven to hold fish and be accessible to fisherman.

The exciting part of these sites is that we will use repurposed “materials of opportunity,” depending on the water depths and other conditions. In shallower waters, we will use recycled highway barriers, culverts, roadway material and the like. In deeper waters, we will deploy pieces of old oil and gas platforms, retired marine vessels, and other available materials in addition to recycled concrete. The deeper the water, the further off the sea floor we can build.

As we replace the old platforms with new reefs, we will do so in a manner that optimizes the conditions and creates the best possible fish habitat. We will learn what works best, and adjust future designs based on what we learn. We will even initiate tagging studies over these sites through CCA’s TAG Louisiana program to analyze things like fish species, sizes, ages and movements from reef to reef.

All gifts to CCA’s REEF Louisiana are tax deductible and will go towards rebuilding structure off the Louisiana Coast. If you have any questions or would like to discuss reef habitat options of giving please contact Rad Trascher by calling 225-952-9200 or emailing him at

How can you help?
First, you can help spread the word about what we have planned along the coast.

Second, we are asking for monetary donations. Cash gifts to this initiative will be matched by CCA Louisiana, then could be matched again by Louisiana’s Artificial Reef Trust Fund.

And lastly, if you have “materials of opportunity” or can help with construction, those donations can also be matched.

REEF Louisiana Projects

Project Name
Ted Beaullieu, Sr., Reef Complex
Rawls Reef Complex
Green Monster Complex
Bay Marchand 3
South Timbalier 51
Z.T. “Jack” Cart Artificial Reef
West Cameron 45
Eugene Island Reef

South Marsh Island 233
Vermilion Blocks 119 & 124
West Delta Blocks 23 & 24
Near Port Fourchon
South of West Timbalier Island
Vermilion Block 69
West Cameron Block 45
Eugene Island Block 51

Year Built


  • Upcoming projects will be listed once they are announced