Louisiana Marine Resources Conservation

CCA Louisiana has partnered with local and national companies to sustain its conservation and habitat program.
This program builds artificial reefs and floating islands, promoting new fish habitats and replacing
disappearing lands along the coast and beyond.

Artificial Reefs

Since 2002, CCA Louisiana has been instrumental in building artificial reefs along the Louisiana coastline. There are currently 47 individual artificial reef installations in place with many more on the horizon.

Floating Islands

CCA Louisiana and project partners join together to rebuild Louisiana’s coastline with innovative technology from Martin EcoSystems. There are seven installation projects that have occurred along the coast with more in the works.

REEF Louisiana

REEF Louisiana is an initiative to replace vital fisheries
habitat across the coast of Sportsman’s Paradise.

TAG Louisiana

TAG Louisiana is a program of the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana.  Since it’s inception in 1985, program volunteers have tagged more than 300,000 fish, and reported more than 15,000 recaptures.