What does H.B. 535 do?

H.B. 535 creates a half-mile buffer across the entire coast, with a special 1-mile buffer zones in specific areas, and a 3 miles buffer zone off Grand Isle.  While CCA…


What can we do about pogie fishing?

Coastal Conservation Association and our partners have attempted to work with the industry and legislators to find some compromise and avoid legislative action. But unfortunately, those efforts led only to…


How many jobs are at risk?

Creating a one-mile buffer to protect beaches and important sportfish will not limit the harvest level for pogie fisherman, so there are no industrial fishing jobs at risk from creating…


How are pogies harvested?

Pogie fishing is done with enormous purse seine nets that encircle huge schools of fish—no matter the species. Large ships, drafting 13 feet of water when loaded, are used to…

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Gulf menhaden ( Brevoortia patronus ). Gulf of Mexico, Fish specimen on a monochrome background

What are Menhaden (a.k.a. pogies)?

Menhaden are a small, pelagic fish, often referred to as “the most important fish in the sea” because of its critical role as forage to countless fish, birds, and marine…