Ride the Bull Kayak Tournament


The Tradition of the World’s Largest Kayak Tournament Continues!

RTB 11 is happening on August 28, 2021 at Bridgeside Marina and we can’t wait to see all of you. And considering the feedback we are getting, it should be the biggest one we have ever had.

Ride the Bull or RTB is a truly a unique kayak fishing experience.  Over 700 anglers annually travel to Grand Isle with the hopes of enjoying a Cajun Sleigh Ride and winning some incredible prizes. But the tournament is more than just the fishing, participants and spectators enjoy great food, seeing some of the best vendors in the country and of course south Louisiana hospitality.

So if you haven’t joined us before, take a look at some of the videos to see what it’s all about. Then round up your friends, book a room and register for the tournament. You won’t be disappointed. And for you anglers that have been before, I can’t wait to see you again this August.

Registration opens June 1st!!!

Rad Trascher
Tournament Director