Legislative Angler of the Year
Senator Bret Allain
Outstanding Volunteer Captain
Captains Todd Grigsby and Jacob Mouton
Governor’s Award
Representative Joe Orgeron
Chairman’s Award
Todd Hornbeck
Division Results
Youth Angler of the Year
1st Place- Graydon Reese, son of Senator Mike Reese
2nd Place- The Hodges girls, daughters of Rep. Valerie Hodges
3rd Place- Mason Turner, son of Rep. Chris Turner
Speckled Trout
1st Place – Michael Fontenot, Team Miss Trial (Captain Stephen Babcock)
2nd Place – Darla Kerner, Team T-Chauz (Darius Girouard)
3rd Place – Rep.Tammy Phelps (Captain J. Cullens)
1st Place – Andrea Wheat, Team T-Chauz (Captain Darius Girouard)
2nd Place – Rep. Malinda White (Captain Darren Anselmi)
3rd Place – Merrit Luneau (Captain Trey Ourso)
1st Place – Bryan Fontenot, Team Rayburn (Captain Bryan Fontenot)
2nd Place – Evan Bryant (Captain Beau Fourrier)
Mangrove Snapper
1st Place – Jackson McFarland, Team Listo (Captain Jacob Mouton)
2nd Place – Chris Graham (Captains Add and Shelley Goff)
3rd Place – Chris Graham (Captain Add and Shelley Goff)
1st Place – Roy Burrell (Captain Luke Difulco)
2nd Place – Rep. Bob Owen (Captain Matt Madere)
3rd Place – Griffin Graham, Team Graham Cracker (Captains Ben Graham and Jim Purgerson)
Red Snapper
1st Place – Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Team Panola
(Captain Mike Coullard)
2nd Place – Greydon Reese, Team Contrapption (Captain Alex Heinketrapp)
3rd Place – Senator Sharon Hewitt, Team Kemosabe (Captain Todd Hornbeck) 
1st Place – Alan Seabaugh, Team Networking
(Captains Colton Sanders / Ronnie Garcia / Josh Collier)
2nd Place TIE – Chris Morris, Team Momma’s Mad (Captain Charlie Callais)
Rep. Joe Orgeron, Team Rebellious (Captain Charlie Caplinger)
3rd Place – Senator Sharon Hewitt, Team Kemosabe (Captain Todd Hornbeck)
Yellowfin Tuna
1st Place – Commissioner Jerri Smitco (Captain Chris Moran)
2nd Place – Dani Cortex (Captain Chris Moran)
3rd Place – Sutzie Whitman (Captain Chris Moran)
Sen. Bret and Robert Allain, Team Reel Blues (Captain Ryan Reaux)
Most Unusual Catch
Hammerhead Shark – Senator Bob Hensgens (Captain Cord)